Spooky reads for this Halloween

As today is Halloween, I thought I’d make a post of 5 books I’ve read that, in my opinion, are perfect for getting you in the Halloween mood. If you’re too old for trick-or-treating, partying isn’t your scene, and you just can’t handle horror films, I’d recommend sitting down with one of these reads and a generous amount of treats this evening instead.

The books I’ve chosen to list range from downright-terrifying to just mildly-spooky, and to help you get an idea of exactly how scary each novel is, I have included a spooky rating out of five (disclaimer: this rating does not reflect how good the book is, just how scary I personally found it).

Spooky rating for Frozen Charlotte: 5/5

1. Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

This was the first book I read from the Red Eye collection (a series of YA horror novels from Stripes Publishing), and I loved it. Well, I say ‘loved’ – it terrified me. There’s just something about dolls that really gets to me.

This book was filled with suspense, and evoked the same response from me as that of a horror film (i.e. covering my eyes because I was just too scared to see what would happen next). So if you’re looking for something to really frighten you this Halloween, and you have a fear of dolls, small creepy children etc., then this is the book for you.

(more information on Frozen Charlotte here)


Spooky rating for Dark Room: 4/5

2. Dark Room by Tom Becker

Another Red Eye novel – I can see a theme emerging already. But honestly, a book which has a plot that classifies as horror, but with YA characters set in a YA scene is just perfect for me, and I can’t get enough of these books.

With a serial killer on the loose, who is referred to as the ‘Selfie Slayer’, and Darla’s horrifying visions of the future, the novel is perfect for someone looking for a contemporary murder story with just a hint of the supernatural.

(more information on Dark Room here)


Spooky rating for The Death House: 1.5/5

3. The Death House by Sarah Pinborough

If you’re not a fan of stories that will keep you awake at night, afraid of tiny dolls or serial killers, this book is for you. This story is about a group of kids who are cast away from the rest of society because of an unknown illness they all have, and one day, a girl arrives who changes the eerie routine the rest of the children live their lives by.

Although there are parts of this book that are slightly scary, for the most part it is just a moving, coming-of-age novel filled with suspense. That said, I think it is just about spooky enough to get you in the mood for Halloween.

(more information on The Death House here)


Spooky rating for Sleepless: 3.5/5

4. Sleepless by Lou Morgan

Aaand, we’re back to Red Eye. Out of the three books from this series included in this list, if Frozen Charlotte was the one that scared me the most, Sleepless was the one I enjoyed reading the most.

As this story is about a group of teenagers who take a pill they find online to help them pass their exams, there is quite a bit of build up to the scary parts in the novel, but that just means there’s plenty of time to become emotionally invested in the characters. Whilst this story had the graphic element present in many horror novels, it also had a murder mystery aspect to the plot which made it a truly gripping read.

(more information on Sleepless here)


Spooky rating for Thirteen Chairs: 3/5

5. Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton

My final spooky read for this Halloween is kind of like a series of short stories. As in, the whole book is strung together by a single plot, but each of the characters at one of the ‘thirteen chairs’ tells their own horror story, forming lots of smaller plots.

As each story is less than 20 pages long, this isn’t a book you can really get lost in, but it does mean that even if you don’t feel like reading a whole horror story, you have 13 short ones stories to pick from. You could even read these in a group, campfire-style!

(more information on Thirteen Chairs here)


So those were 5 spooky reads for this Halloween, and however much scaring you like to receive from the books you read, I hope that you find one of these books perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit!

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