Best Books of 2016


For the past few weeks, the main topic of conversation in the book community has been ‘what are your favourite books of 2016?’ I have found it really fun and interesting to read everyone else’s posts on this topic, and I’ve been looking forward to make mine.

I naively thought that I would easily choose five books I’ve really enjoyed this year, and leave it at that. Wrong. I had a list of about 20 books that I wanted to mention, but not wanting this post to be miles long, I managed to get it down to 10. Just about. Some are new releases from this year, some not, but these are all books I have read over the course of 2016 and absolutely loved (I have already written a post on bookish reasons why 2016 wasn’t so bad, so that’s why this is just of a roundup of things I’ve read).

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GUESTPOST – Book Recommendations for Fictional Characters

Hey, I’m Jess from Bookends and Endings, and today I’m going to be guest post-ing on Bex’s. As a book blogger but also general book lover, I find myself giving lots of book recommendations, both online and to friends and family in real life. Characters, while unfortunately fictional, can often feel like real people, and so something fun to do is to imagine what books you would recommend to them if you could give them a book.

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I Dare You Book Tag

I have been tagged by Annike from Twin Tales Book Review to do the I Dare You Book Tag! It was created by Bookfandom1001, and don’t worry, the questions are not as daunting as the title suggests. There are three rules:

  • You must be honest
  • You can’t not answer a question
  • You have to tag at least four people

So here are my answers, which I have tried very hard to answer honestly!

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GUEST POST – Five Bookish Reasons 2016 Wasn’t So Bad

Bookends and Endings

It’s been said countless times: 2016 has not been a good year. The economically impacts of Brexit. The social divisions caused by the presidential elections. The ongoing tragedies in Syria and many other areas of the world. We’ve lost too many inspirational people, such as David Bowie and Alan Rickman. But there have been a number of things going on in the book community this year that are worth celebrating. So here are 5 bookish reasons why 2016 wasn’t so bad.

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Review – …And a Happy New Year?

and-a-happy-new-yearTitle: …And a Happy New Year?
Author: Holly Bourne
Published by: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 1st November 2016
Pages: 224, hardback
Genre: YA, feminism

Evie, Amber and Lottie are having a new year party to remember.

For the first time since leaving college, all three girls are back together. It’s time for fun and flirting, snogs and shots.

(And not tears or tantrums or terrible secrets)

Because everything’s going great for these girls – Spinster Club for ever! Right?


A couple of nights ago I decided it was about time I read the new Spinster Club novella …And a Happy New Year? Never mind it was getting late and I had to be up at 6:30 the next morning; I told myself I would just read the first few chapters.

Fast forward an hour and a bit later, and I had finished the book. My eyes were barely staying open and I could already sense the exhaustion I’d feel in a few hours’ time, but I can’t say I regretted it one bit.

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London WattCon 2016

On Saturday I went to my third ever Wattpad Convention, held in London. I made a posdsc_0151t
last week on reasons why I was looking forward to the meetup, and it didn’t disappoint.

Upon arrival, everyone received a bag containing some Wattpad swag – the bright orange Wattpad tote bag was a new addition to London WattCon this year, and I thought it added a nice touch. There was a lovely atmosphere in the room, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I had a lovely time chatting with Beth Reekles (!!!) and other familiar faces from previous conventions.

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Places to read this Christmas


The countdown to Christmas has begun, and we’re now deep into the winter months. Yes, we all know how nice it is to sit outside in the sunshine with your book. But if, like me, you live in England (or somewhere similar), where the sun is practically mythical and shorts are only needed for two weeks of the year – let’s just say reading is definitely not an outdoor activity this December.

Personally, I find reading even more enjoyable when you’ve thought about your surroundings. And the invisibly ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign that hangs over you when you’re reading becomes 100 times clearer. I can think to myself: I’ve got my blankets, got my drink – I clearly look occupied.  So as we enter the final month of 2016, here are a few ideas of warm places to read a book.

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