Places to read this Christmas


The countdown to Christmas has begun, and we’re now deep into the winter months. Yes, we all know how nice it is to sit outside in the sunshine with your book. But if, like me, you live in England (or somewhere similar), where the sun is practically mythical and shorts are only needed for two weeks of the year – let’s just say reading is definitely not an outdoor activity this December.

Personally, I find reading even more enjoyable when you’ve thought about your surroundings. And the invisibly ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign that hangs over you when you’re reading becomes 100 times clearer. I can think to myself: I’ve got my blankets, got my drink – I clearly look occupied.  So as we enter the final month of 2016, here are a few ideas of warm places to read a book.

Next to a fireplace –

This is an easy spot to picture: sat by a fire, with a book on your lap and a hot drink in your hand (and maybe a half-eaten mince pie next to you?). A pretty stereotypical scene, but an understandable one; studies have shown that sitting by a fire is proven to make you feel calmer, and the warmth is very comforting. This is a relatively simple place to read, but perfect for the winter when the cold starts creeping in.

In a cafe –

If you dare venture out of the comfort of your home this winter, cafes are ideal. It shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere with sufficient heating to sit down for an hour or two. Just buy a drink or something to eat, and you can sit undisturbed for quite a while. I have done this a couple of times, and found it to be a really nice, relaxing environment. Around this time of year, cafes tend to have Christmas specials on offer, so this would also be the perfect opportunity to see what’s on offer!

Anywhere with blankets –

Your bed, your sofa – anywhere you can pile blankets on top of yourself automatically becomes an ideal spot for reading. And if you want to put that extra bit more effort in, you can even build yourself a fort, turning an area of your house into a designated reading area with blankets and pillows piled on top of one another. A little juvenile? Maybe. But there’s nothing wrong with needing your own space to be a fangirl.

In a library –

I mean, are libraries really just buildings containing books? I’d say they’re more extensions of our homes. If you’re caught in the rain, if the cold outdoor weather is too much to cope with, or even if you just want a change of scene, what better way to read than when surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other books?

Surrounded by friends –

Reading in the company of your friends can be done in any of the aforementioned places, or as its own event. Everyone enjoys sitting with friends with good food, hot drinks, comfy clothes and movies on a cold winters evening. So if you and your friends all enjoy reading, why not do something similar, but with books? Whether you want to discuss your favourite stories or just sit together reading in silence (with some Christmas songs playing in the background), this is the perfect opportunity to have a fun evening without having to go out and face the cold!


If you have any suggestions of your own for warms places to read, please tell me below or on Twitter. After a bitterly cold November, it’s unlikely to warm up at all in the coming month, but hopefully these will keep reading relaxing for you this winter!

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