Scholastic Bloggers’ Book Feast 2017

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited along to Scholastic’s Bloggers Book Feast! I had an absolutely brilliant time, and got to find out so many interesting things about upcoming releases as well as chat to lots of other lovely bloggers!

Upon arrival, we were placed in tables named after creatures from Fantastic Beasts (I was a Bowtruckle!). After everyone was armed with a cup of tea, we sat down and heard all about the 2017 releases from Scholastic. I quite literally died a little with each new slide, as every single book sounded so fantastic, yet we still have to wait months for some of them! If you wish to read more about these releases and become just as excited as me, the links are at the bottom of this blog post. Another thing I think I should mention is that on all the walls inside Scholastic, there are quotes from lots of different books, which I found absolutely delightful and commented on multiple times throughout the day. I didn’t get a picture, so you will just have to trust me when I say it is gorgeous.

We filled up on more tea and sandwiches, and then it was time for the first panel on covers. It was so fascinating to hear about how the cover for The Goldfish Boy and Noah Can’t Even were developed, especially as there are different ways this process can go. We also got to see the cover reveal for Noah Can’t Even, which was . . . entertaining. Lauren Fortune and Linas Alsenas, two Scholastic editors, then gave a really insightful talk on the whole editing process for each book – I’m really interested in publishing, so I found this panel great for filling some gaps in my knowledge (although, dealing with book auctions being compared to the Hunger Games seemed just a little daunting)

After a very short break (where, you guessed it, I made myself another cup of tea), the next of two more panels was on Contemporary YA. We heard from Sue Wallman, Lisa Thompson, Simon James Green, Eve Ainsworth and Beth Garrod, about their new books coming out this year. One of my favourite things to hear about was the inspiration behind these stories: for example, for Simon Can’t Even and Truly Madly Awkward, it came a lot from their own teenage experiences. I was also loved hearing about Damage by Eve Ainsworth, and after having read her previous two novels and seen how brilliantly she tackles hard-hitting subjects, I know her newest novel on self-harm will be absolutely stunningly written.

dsc_0202I absolutely adored the next panel on Fantasy YA with Alice Broadway, Melinda Salisbury, Hayley Barker and Lisa Lueddecke. It had come up briefly earlier in the day how hard it is to write a fantasy novel that stood out from all the rest, and all of these authors have done this. From tattooing all significant life events onto your body, to selling poor children to perform at a hellish circus, I have found myself invested in multiple imaginary worlds after just hearing about them in a short panel. Melinda Salisbury also kept things interesting by jumping from Hamilton references to long speeches about good vs evil!

To wrap up the day, we had a Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them quiz. Although my team did very well with a respectable 9 out of 10, we were defeated by the team containing Melinda Salisbury, who, as well as turning out to be terrifyingly competitive, has also seen the film multiple times and knows every piece of trivia there is to know.

I had such a lovely day, and I really enjoyed getting to meet so many other bloggers. As well as being spoiled with so many amazing books, which I absolutely cannot wait to read, we were also each given a bag with some Scholastic treats, including an ARC of Show Stopper, which has now shot to the top of my TBR list (much to the dismay of all the ones below it).

Even with all these great books to keep me busy, I heard enough about the upcoming releases to keep me in anticipation for the rest of the year! Thank you so much to Scholastic for having me, to the authors and others who did panels for us, and to the other bloggers for being such great company!

2017 Scholastic releases:

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