How To Organise Your Bookshelf + GIVEAWAY


Last weekend, I decided that it was about time I rearranged my bookshelf – since I started blogging, I have received/bought many more books, and I found that my shelves were getting really untidy. Also, I was getting increasingly jealous of Jess’s (bookendsandendings) perfectly-organised books!

Having finally gone through all of my books, I’ve found that I cannot fit them all on my main bookcase, or even on the row I have on my desk, so I still have a few piles of books lying around my room. I also found that I have multiple copies of a few books, so I thought I would do a giveaway with a couple of them – there is more information on that at the bottom of this post!

For the record, reorganising your bookshelves is hugely therapeutic; I was having a pretty stressful day, and by the end of this I felt so much better, so I would really recommend it! I also have a few suggestions as to how you could rearrange it, as there are lots of different ways!

By colour

This is how I now have my main shelf! There are a couple of ways to do this: you could do a gradient, like me, or organise your books into block colours. The best thing about this method is that it looks so good. It is literally so satisfying – I smile every time I enter my room now!

Alphabetically by the author’s first name/surname

Arranging your shelves by author’s names is generally very straightforward, and makes it easy to find a book you own by that same author should you need it. This is how I used to have my shelves, and it’s also how bookshops tend to do it, so it is definitely the most organised way to go about it!

Alphabetically by title

This, again, is a very organised method. I think this would probably be most helpful if you forget authors names a lot (which some people do), as then you would only have to remember the title.

By genre

Arranging by genre makes it very easy to find exactly the kind of book you feel like reading at any given time – you can look at all of your YA, fantasy, sci-fi, classical etc. and choose what you’re looking for! Also, sometimes covers from a particular genre tend to have similar cover styles (I think?), so there might be that aesthetic appeal.

A hardback shelf

This applies more if you have a second, smaller bookcase or feature bookcase. Hardbacks tend to look out of place among shelves filled with paperbacks, so I would recommend arranging them all together. I have a very small hardback shelf that I am looking forward to expanding, and I think it looks quite nice!

A favourites shelf

A favourites shelf is a similar concept to a hardback shelf. It might give you easier access to books you especially love (and therefore are more likely to reread), and it’s just generally very nice to be able to look at a row of books that contains all of your favourites! This may also be helpful at creating more space on your main bookcase if you are running out of space!


This is now CLOSED, and the winner is Livsescape! Winner chosen through TweetDraw.

How do you rearrange your bookshelf? Do you do any of these, or something different?

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