YA Book Box Subscriptions To Try


I love books. I mean, that’s a given. I first found out that a book box subscription was even a thing that existed a few months ago – and I’m obsessed. The idea of a surprise book being sent to you, in a box, along with a bunch of other bookish things sounds like the most amazing thing ever to me.

However, this is the kind of thing I agonize over relentlessly trying to make my mind up, so I have looked at countless subscriptions, and have written about the five best ones I’ve found. Hopefully this will help you if you are trying to find out more about book box subscriptions. I’m also hoping that writing all this down helps me out, as it is my birthday coming up and I think I’d love to get a subscription to one of these. Although I’m not sure which one, or for how long, so it would be great if you could share your thoughts, especially if you are subscribed to one of these!

Book Box Club

Image of the Book Box Club February 2017 box, from on the Book Box Club website.

This is a UK based subscription (as are most in this list), and is one of my favourites out
of all the ones I’ve looked at. Book Box Club sends out monthly boxes containing a new YA release and 2-4 other bookish gifts (I particularly love the extras in this subscription, which in the past have included candles, mugs and extracts from upcoming novels). There is also a members-only online book group, giving subscribers a chance to talk to the featured author. Book Box Club also has a monthly theme, with a trailer to announce it each month!

The pricing is: £27.99 for one month, £77 for three months, £150 for six months. Free UK shipping. To find out more click here.


Image of the OwlCrate February 2017 box, from on the OwlCrate website. Photo by @infinitynovel.

OwlCrate is an American book box subscription; every month, you will be delivered a new hardcover YA release, as well as 3-5 other themed bookish things, including a couple of bits specially from the author! I really like the look of this one, as I love hardbacks and the previous few boxes have included books I absolutely love, although it is more expensive because of shipping. Another thing I like about this subscription is that there’s an OwlCrate JR, if you’re interested in receiving Middle Grade books.

The pricing is: $29.99 for one month, $86.98 for three months, $167.94 for six months + shipping costs. To find out more click here.


Image of the FairyLoot February 2017 box, from on the FairyLoot website. Photo by @spinatale.

This subscription is slightly different from the others, in that it specifies in fantasy – each month you receive a hardback copy of a new YA fantasy release, each month with it’s own theme. As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of YA fantasy novels, so this really appeals to me! Each box also has 5-6 goodies (occasionally including a second book!), and a small newsletter exclusive to FairyLoot with an interview with the featured author and other information. On the second Saturday of each month there is also a #FairyLoot Twitter chat about the featured book! Lastly, FairyLoot has a buddy system, which means you are linked up to another reader each month (I’m not entirely sure how this works, but I think it sounds really fun)!


The pricing is: £26 for one month, £78 for three months, £156 for six months + shipping. To find out more click here.


Image of the Illumicrate February 2016 box, from the Illumicrate website (Feb 2017 box linked on the left).

This book box subscription ships quarterly, so every 3 months you receive one (or occasionally two) newly released YA title, and at least 3-5 other bookish items! For some reason, the ‘past boxes’ section of the Illumicrate website doesn’t seem to have been updated, so I had a look at Mia from The Cosy Reader‘s unboxings, as she is subscribed to them! I love the look of so many of the books from this box, and there’s a huge variety of genres, and there have even been some ARCs included in some past boxes!

The pricing is: £29.99 per box. Free UK shipping. To find out more click here.

The Willoughby Book Club

Image of some of the YA book selections for the Willoughby Book Club, from the WBC website.

This book is different from all the other one’s I have mentioned, for a number of reasons – firstly, it is not a strictly YA subscription, although there is a YA section. The Willoughby Book Club also only sends a book (with a couple of nice bits and pieces), rather than a box subscription, so it’s offering something slightly different. Each book sent to you is chosen specifically for you, and you give them information about your interests and favourite authors/books when you sign up so they can find the right book to send to you! You can join the Willoughby Book Club yourself, or you can gift it to a friend. And for every book they send you, they donate one to Book Aid International as well!

The pricing is: £29.99 for three months, £49.99 for six months, £89.99 for twelve months. Free UK shipping. To find out more click here.


So these are the book box subscriptions I think look the best! I think I’ve just made my decision even harder – I do want to try all of these subscriptions eventually, but I still have no idea where to start! Let me know if this has been interesting, or helpful, or if you have any other suggestions that are not listed here!



12 thoughts on “YA Book Box Subscriptions To Try

  1. This is brilliant and well-timed! My birthday is coming up and I’m thinking of asking for a subscription box, but I can’t make up my mind. There’s some good ones here that I didn’t know about, thank you!

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