The Book Blogger Awards | My Nominations


The Book Blogger Awards have been created by Joce from Write Through The Night – I have actually been nominated by multiple people for a couple of categories, which is REALLY flattering and I was so excited to be nominated! Anyway, I have been blogging for just over six months now, and have come to know lots of amazing blogs and bloggers, so I thought I would take part in these awards myself. Note, these aren’t all the categories, just the ones that I have nominations for, so make sure to read Joce’s post if you want to find out more or nominate anyone!

Genre most blogged about:

  • Young Adult – This one was hard, but I think I would have to say that my favourite YA book blog is Kelly’s Rambles. Her YA content includes reviews, wrap-ups, tags and weekly features and I love reading everything she posts! I am also nominating Laura from Reading Sanctuary, as she too posts wonderful YA content, and I love hearing about her thoughts on YA that she has been reading (she posts a lot about recent YA as well, and I enjoy hearing about new releases from her blog!).
  • Middle Grade / Younger – Steph from A Little But A Lot also blogs about YA, but a lot of her content focuses on Middle Grade and picture books. She’s also a primary school teacher, so she posts a lot of things related to books and the kids she works with, which I love!
  • Classics Lucy from Queen of Contemporary (and Lucy the Reader on Youtube) not only blogs about YA, but also posts a lot about classics, whether it be discussions, reading wrap-ups or book hauls! I have been trying to read more classics, and Lucy’s blog has been super helpful for motivating and guiding me!
  • A bit of everythingAnnike and Zoe from Twin Tale’s blog about lots of different books, such as contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy and mystery. There’s was one of the first blogs I followed, and I absolutely love all of their content!

The best of book blogging:

  • Best book reviewsJess from Book Ends and Endings writes fantastic reviews! They’re always really in detail, but at the same time non-spoilery, which is, in my opinion, the best kind of review! I also am nominating Rosie from Rosie Freckle Reads, as her reviews are also excellent – they’re all marked as spoiler free, and many of them also include a discussion about the book and its themes, which I find really interesting!
  • Weekly featuresKate from Reading Through Infinity does a couple of bookish memes on her blog every week, and they’re always really interesting! I especially love reading her answers for Top Ten Tuesday (for example, her post on her Top Ten Bookish Turn-Offs from this Tuesday was really fun to read!).
  • Best bookish discussionsLia from Lost In A Story has the most fantastic bookish discussions on her blog that I always look forward to reading. Her most recent one was on how her reading and TBR has changed since she started blogging, and it was so interesting! Sarah from Sarah Wither’s Blog also has lots of discussion posts on her blog which I love to read, for example she posted one recently, talking about does YA got the respect it deserves, which I really enjoyed reading!

The other stuff:

  • Most full of personalityGrace from Almost Amazing Grace is one of my favourite people I have met through blogging. She is so lovely, and really involved and chatty and just generally FAB. I also absolutely adore her writing style (she blogs about life, health etc as well as books) and her blogs is totally stunning!
  • Most engaged in the community – It has to be Rachel from 100 or Less! Rachel is so involved in the bookish community, especially on Twitter, where she hosts Sunday YA every single week (which I love being a part of). She’s super lovely, and really gets everyone involved in discussions and the occasional readathon!
  • Best Friend everLiv from Liv’s Wonderful Escape was the first friend I made through blogging, and she’s wonderful! I love chatting to her on Twitter, and I have met up with her for a number of events which has been really fun!
  • Blog aestheticMia from the Cosy Reader takes the most gorgeous photos and I absolutely adore her blog layout (seriously, every time I read one of her blog posts I fangirl a bit at how pretty it all is). Also Kelly from Kelly’s Rambles has such a pretty blog – I love the fonts she uses and how she structures her blog and all her posts!

I am not going to nominate anyone for the overall best book blogger, because there are just too many blogs that I adore, and nominating all of them would defeat the point! Nominations are closing soon (today!), so if you haven’t already make sure to either make your own post, or head on over to Joce’s post to put your nominations in the comments!

14 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Awards | My Nominations

  1. Bex, thank you so much for nominating me! I’m honestly so flattered that you like my weekly posts, as I know that a lot of people do Top Ten Tuesday so I try to make mine as fun and engaging as possible. It means a lot that you enjoy reading them each week. This was such a lovely post to read and I’ve found (and followed) some lovely new bloggers as a result. Doing blog awards is such a great way to share love in the community and celebrate other people’s best posts, and reading this has inspired me to catch up on the awards I’ve been nominated for recently! Great post!

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  2. Thank you!! I’m happy you like my discussion posts, I’m planning to do a whole lot more in the future so it’s good to hear you like them 😀

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