Review – Tree Magic

32883339Title: Tree Magic
Harriet Springbett
Published by: Impress Books
Publication date: 9th January 2017
Pages: 443, ebook
Genre: young adult, fantasy

Rainbow’s magic hands can shape trees at her will, but her gift is dangerous and has fatal consequences.

From England to France, through secrets, fears and parallel worlds, Rainbow’s journey to understand her powers takes her beyond everything she’s ever known.

To find the truth, she must also find herself.


I’ve been anticipating this read for months, ever since I was lucky enough to be sent an eARC of Tree Magic by Harriet Springbett, the author. It was very different from my usual YA reads, but I found the storyline intriguing and it was a book I enjoyed immensely.

I really loved the alternating POVs in this story, and it shows the alternate paths that Rainbow takes. The idea that one small, seemingly insignificant event shaped the two girls in entirely different ways was just so heart-warming, and allowed for all kinds of lovely character development. This also meant that towards the end of the book, the two stories began to link together so nicely, and it just generally made the structure of the book very interesting and enjoyable.

As this story spans such a huge time frame (starting from when Rainbow is younger and going through her entire teenage life), it made for a wonderful coming-of-age story, as Rainbow struggles through her family, friend and romantic relationships, as well as her own grief. I will admit, at times I thought Rainbow acted quite young for her age, and some of her mannerisms grated on me, but in generally it all contributed to her overall character development.

I enjoyed the magical aspect of this book – Rainbow has the ability to communicate with Trees, and control them to an extent, and this is explored in a really in depth way throughout the novel, as she slowly is taught more and learns how to use her powers. I loved Rainbow’s curiosity surrounding her gift, and the way she questions her ‘destiny’ as the story unfolds. Another thing I liked was how present Rainbow’s mum was in the book, and how she was both displayed as flawed and loving, as a parent should be.

The setting of the book was beautifully written, and I especially the parts of the novel set in France. With a slow paced, in depth story with a plot twist I was not expecting at the end, Tree Magic was truly an uplifting read.


(Thank you to Harriet for sending me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review)

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