A Little Blog Update…

As those of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I have had an abundance of exams over the past couple of months that have left me rather stressed and exhausted. I finally finished on Friday, and now have the whole summer holiday to look forward to!

Starting from now, I plan on doing lots of work on this blog, which I am super excited for. Firstly, I want to post more over the summer – I’ve been doing twice a week since I started my blog, but I think I’ll try for three now that I have more time. I may also be doing a few other non-bookish things, just general life stuff (I took to Twitter to ask about this, and 73% of people said to go for it, so I now feel validated n all that). Though, if all you want to see from this blog is books, at least two posts a week will still definitely be book-related, so no different from usual.

A few other things – I may toy around with my blog layout over the next few weeks, may get an instagram, may change the format of my monthly wrap ups. So yeah. There are lots of things I want to work on over the summer, and I thought I would fill you, my lovely readers, in. If any of you have any comments I’d love to hear them, and other than that, I should have lots more posts coming soon!

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