In June I Read | 2017

July has come, and this month I managed to read 10 lovely books. I’ve also changed the format of my reading wrap-up, because I found my old reading wrap up too formulaic, and I never actually got around to talking about most of the books I read. So do let me know what you think (and your thoughts on any of these books if you have read them, of course)!

IMG_20170703_200640_912I started the month by reading a few books which were kindly sent to me for review: Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han (which was the perfect end to a lovely series), followed by Tree Magic by Harriet Springbett (this was a super heartwarming book, and I’ve spoken to Harriet quite a bit on  Twitter and she’s fab). I also read The Devil’s Poetry by Louise Cole, and took part in the book’s blog tour, which was lots of fun!My wonderful friend Grace (who tweets here and blogs here) sent Jess and I a couple of books, one of which was The Call by Peadar Ó Guilín. I found this to be such a gripping book, and I thought the story was really interesting and original (and apparently there is a sequel, which I cannot wait to read as well).

If you’ve read my blog post from last week, you’ll know that I spent some time doing work experience at a publishing house called Gallic Books (which has another imprint, Aardvark Bureau, and a bookstore in Belgravia). An absolutely amazing part of this was that I was given a few books to read during my time there. I know. I got to read as part of my job. Fantastic, right? So I started by reading the manuscript of The White City Roma Tearne, followed by The Threat Level Remains Severe by Rowena Macdonald and The Portrait Antoine Laurain. These books were all quite different from what I usually read, but I loved all three. I think my favourite was The White City, which was so beautifully written and had quite a sad ending.


Next I read Troublemakers by Catherine Barter; I’ve been wanting to read this for ages, and as I did a week of work experience with Andersen Press, who published this book, I made sure to read it before I started there. I adored this book – the storyline was so unique, and different from anything else I’ve read in YA, and I thought the characters were so complex and realistic.

This past week, I read Flight of a Starling by Lisa Heathfield, which left me an emotional wreck. I have a full review coming soon, but essentially: Lisa’s writing was stunning, the characters and relationships were intense and amazing, and the ending broke my heart. So just your average Lisa Heathfield novel. The final thing I read was If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak, a fantastic debut which was equal parts adorable and moving. Carlie has such a wonderful way with words, and the writing in this book was just so pretty. I went to the respective book launches for both of these books, and chatted to both Lisa and Carlie, which I enjoyed so much!


In other news, I finished my exams, and took the first steps towards changing a few bits and pieces to do with this blog – namely, changing the layout and writing a little bit about me for those of you who are interested! And of course, this month was Pride Month, so there was so much love being spread irl and online. July is entirely a holiday for me, so I will hopefully get lots more reading done (in particular some YALC-related reading)!

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