YALC: Schedule Reaction


YALC is getting closer and closer, and the full schedule has now been released! Today I thought I’d go through the best bits (in my opinion, anyway), and if you want to see the full schedule, you can find it on here, as well as frequent updates on the YALC Twitter page.

A slightly blurry picture of the Cassandra Clare talk at YALC 2015.

On the Friday, I’m especially looking forward to the panel on ‘Writing What You Know’, with Alex Wheatle, Lisa Williamson, Rachael Lucas, Lisa Heathfield, Hannah Witton and Katherine Webber, as well as the workshop on ‘Writing your own YALC zine’. I am also already feeling torn between the panel on ‘Heroines’ and the workshop on ‘Creating Writing From Your Own Experience’, which are on at the same time!

On Saturday, there are quite a few panels that I am really looking forward to, including ‘Who runs the world?’ (which clashes with the ‘Books to Bag’ workshop, eek), ‘Writing from real events’, ‘Unconventional romance’, and ‘Myths, magic and fairytale’, as well as a panel with E Lockhart.

On Sunday there will be panels on ‘Life Advice’, ‘Writing and Social Change’, ‘Fandom’, and a talk with Patrick Ness. There are also two workshops that look especially interesting – ‘Writing from Myth’ and ‘Writing a Strong Voice’. I would like to go to a creative writing workshop over the three days (although I find these very scary), and luckily there are at least two each day, so I have lots of choice!

Of course, there are so many wonderful authors who will be doing signings throughout the day, and I cannot wait for these either! There are already so many things that clash, and I will probably angst about which to go to up until the very last minute. I have still only read one books from my YALC TBR, so I really need to work on that! If you are going to YALC this year, what are you most looking forward to? Anything the same as or different from me?

7 thoughts on “YALC: Schedule Reaction

  1. Thanks for writing this post, really interesting to see what you’re looking forward to most! I might have to do my own version of this, if you don’t mind me borrowing the idea? I too have several wishlist panel clashes…

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