YALC Haul | 2017


This time one week ago YALC 2017 was just beginning (meaning that we are one week closer to YALC 2018, yay), and I have finally managed to put together a haul of all the beautiful books I acquired over those three magical days. The first couple of days were mostly ARCs from various giveaways and competitions, and then on Sunday, after having ogled all the books throughout the weekend, I finally bought some!


One of the first books I received on Friday was a proof of The Fandom by Anna Day, which is about a group of teenagers who are at a convention for their favourite movie, The Gallows Dance, when they’re transported into the world where the movie is set. This was one of my most anticipated YALC books, and I have actually taken it on holiday with me, so I hope to read it soon! I then got a proof of The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr from the Penguin stand – this is the story of a girl who finds out that her parents are not actually her parents, and the amazing life she’s been living is filled with lies. This sounds so interesting, and I loved The One Memory of Flora Banks, so cannot wait to read this!

I also gained a proof of There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins, which is the new horror novel by the author of Anna and the French Kiss – I know, it’s a pretty big turn of events! The book is about a series of murders taking place inside a high school, and it sounds super thrilling! The other horror novel I received was a proof of Charlotte Says by Alex Bell, which is a prequel to Frozen Charlotte. I absolutely loved the first book, which I read back in 2015, and I was so excited to hear about Charlotte Says, which I think is essentially the origin story for the dolls.

I won a proof of Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu, which is about a girl who starts a feminist zine at her high school, which starts a feminist revolution amongst her peers. Sounds badass, right? I have a feeling this is going to be a super empowering read. Following that, I gained a proof of We All Fall Down by Natalie D. Richards, the story of two teenagers, both harbouring secret feelings for the other, who are thrown together as they somehow get caught up in chaos after a fateful night by the riverbank (sounds intriguing, I can’t wait to read it!). I then was lucky enough to receive a proof of Blackbird by N. D. Gomes, a mystery about a small town, where a girl goes missing on the same day five thousand blackbirds drop dead.

Finally, I got a copy of The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven from the Electric Monkey stand – this book is about a girl who becomes the focus of a national scandal involving a politicians son. This book sounds like it is going to be really feminist and awesome, so naturally I was all over it!


On day two of YALC I got a copy of Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh from the Hodder & Stoughton stand, which is about a girl who disguises herself as a peasant boy to join a group of bandits. It’s inspired by Mulan. It’s going to be amazing. I have been eyeing up this book in Waterstones for months, and am so excited to finally read it! I also got my hands on a copy of Girlhood by Cat Clarke at the book swap – this is about a girl who attends a boarding school following the death of her twin sister, only to find her new friendship taking a sinister turn. I love all of Cat Clarke’s previous books, so I am hugely excited for this one! From the Harper Teen stand, I got a copy of Everless by Sara Holland, which tells the story of a world where time is used as payment, and a girl trying to save her father who is running out of time (this sounds to me like a YA fantasy version of the film In Time, which is absolutely awesome).

I was also lucky enough to get a copy of The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, a fantasy story about a girl trying to find her mother by uncovering the secrets of her grandmother’s cult-classic fairytales. From the book swap, I also picked up a copy of My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick, which is a Romeo/Juliet type story about a girl falling for a member of her rival family, and the decisions she has to make when tragedy strikes. This sounds equal parts cute and angsty, so of course I cannot wait to read it! Another book I received on Saturday was a proof of My Side of the Diamond by Sally Gardner. This is about a girl who is trying to solve the mystery of her best friends disappearance, after she jumped from a building and never reached the ground.

My finally Saturday book was a proof of The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart, which is about five friends who sacrifice something special to them to an ancient box they find one summer, only to find that, years later, one of them has broken the rules of the sacrifice box, leaving them all to face the consequences.


On Sunday, the final day of YALC, I managed to get two proofs from the Penguin stand, the first being Wizards and Robots by Will.i.am and Brian David Johnson, which is about a girl, a wizard, and a robot who need to protect the Earth from an elusive enemy (this sounds quite different from my usual reads, but I am looking forward to reading it nonetheless). I also received a proof of Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn which, as the title suggests, is about an a girl pretending to be a princess. I love Connie’s YouTube videos, especially the ones showing her writing process for this book – this is going to part of a series called The Rosewood Chronicles, and I cannot wait to get started on the first book!

I then bought a copy of  The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo – this is a love story about two people who find themselves moving in different directions time and time again – I’m a sucker for these star-crossed love stories, so this seems perfect for me. I also finally bought myself a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in my house colour – yellow, for Hufflepuff! I have been wanting to buy this for ages, but quite honestly was a little put off by the fact that the new Harry Potter books have a different font to the original ones. I know, I know, it’s a tiny detail that shouldn’t bother me, but it has literally taken me months to get over this enough to buy it!

Towards the end of the day, I got a proof of The Treatment by C.L. Taylor, which I then got signed by the author! This is about a girl who infiltrates her brother’s reform school, fearing that the school is brainwashing it’s pupils. I absolutely this sort of thriller story, so this was a book I was particularly excited for! The final book I bought was The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan, which is a love story told through dictionary definitions. Totally original and adorable, I couldn’t not buy this, and I have a feeling it will one of those books I fall completely in love with.


This weekend was filled to the brim with bookish loveliness, and having written this post I can see just how lucky I am to now be in the possession of such brilliant books! If you got an amazing read out of YALC, please share it with me – and if you’ve read any of these (already!), do let me know your thoughts!

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