Bookshelf Tour!

At the end of the summer holidays, I redid my bedroom; nothing huge, just some new bedding, fairy lights, some pictures to collage my wardrobe – and three new bookshelves above my bed!

Until about two weeks ago, I had five stacks of books on my floor, that had just gotten bigger and bigger all summer, and it was seriously stressing me out. Now, however, I have reordered everything so that all my books have a shelf to go on, and it has made me like my bedroom so much more. I thought I would take you through my different shelves in this blog post, and talk about the ways I have organised each one!

Favourites Shelf


This is definitely my favourite shelf of all – it makes me so unbelievably happy to see my favourite books all lined up like this. I did not include my favourite series’ in this, because there are a number of trilogies I adore, plus the entire Shadowhunters franchise, so there simply wouldn’t be space for all of them (although, if I’m being completely honest – I haven’t actually read the whole of The Upside of Unrequited yet. I thought it looked nice on the shelf, and I’m really hoping it will be a favourite. From what I’ve heard, I’m almost certain it will be!). As I don’t have any bookends yet, I’m using a money bank on one end of the shelf, and this picture of Taylor Swift my (amazingly talented) friend Anna drew for me a few years ago!

Classics Shelf


My top shelf is for all the classics I own, most of which I have not read yet. These are arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s surname, and I have a few poetry anthologies on the end! I have four volumes of A History of the English Speaking People by Winston Churchill, and I am using these as bookends (I do periodically go and check on them, as I am slightly worried that they may fall on me in my sleep).

Hardback/oddly fitting Shelf


This is the shelf for my hardbacks, or more specifically, just any books that wouldn’t fit nicely on my main shelf. Some of them are slightly taller than a usual paperback, and so I put them on here too! I had to play around a bit to decide how I wanted them organised, and in the end I just did them loosely by height order, with the very tallest books to the left of the middle. I keep these books up with a teacup and saucer (which is filled with my lovely bookish badges), and a framed picture of my friend and I, from when we were younger!

General Fiction Shelf


This shelf is organised by colour, and I have tried my best to arrange it in a rainbow-esque way. These are mostly YA books, with a few adult fiction novels as well – this shelf needs rearranging quite frequently, as whenever I have a whole load of new books to put on I like to resort them into the best colour order! The bottom shelf is for series’ and trilogies – so, The Mortal InstrumentsThe Infernal Devices, The Hunger Games, and Twilight (although, I think next time I need space for more books, I think Twilight is going to lose its place on this shelf)!

ARC Shelf


I keep the ARCs I have yet to read in a row on my desk – there’s quite a lot at the moment, but that’s mostly because I haven’t gotten stuck into my YALC ARC pile yet! I have these arranged in order of release date, going from 2016 to March 2018, and once I have read one, it will either go onto my favourites shelf (if I really loved it), my general fiction shelf, or put aside to be given away, whether that be to a friend or in a giveaway. I do have bookends for this shelf, although they’re not very visible unless looking from the side.


My room feels so much more bookish now, and I frequently get distracted by staring at my walls whilst I’m trying to work! I would love to know how you organise your books, and any tips you have on what to do when you don’t have space on your shelves, so please do let me know!

happy readding

6 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour!

  1. I love the three floating shelves! I just got a new bookcase for my room and I’ve loved organising them all and deciding which books go where 😄

    Kizzi x

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