A Double Book Haul!


There’s a part of me that can’t quite believe it’ll be December tomorrow – in one month’s time, we’ll be getting ready to welcome in 2018! I haven’t done a book haul in a couple of months, primarily because I have not been doing much book buying recently, so this is a combined haul for October and November!

First, in October I bought a copy of It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne, which I was so excited to get, having waited months for its release. I actually read this book shortly after buying it (you can read my review here!), and no surprises, I absolutely loved it! The story is about Audrey, a massively skeptical girl who comes face to face with real, messy romance; in this book, Holly Bourne debunks a lot of the myths and clichés surrounding love nowadays (and does so brilliantly, in my opinion).

Alongside this, I got How To Stop Time by Matt Haig*, which is about a man who has been alive for centuries, yet maintained the appearance of someone in their forties. The protagonist, Tom Hazard, knew countless historical figures in his time (including a little known playwright and poet called William Shakespeare), yet finally finds himself coming unstuck when he takes up the position of a history teacher in a school in London. I got my copy of How To Stop Time signed by Matt Haig in October, and I attended a talk that he gave – it was really interesting, and I am super excited to read this book!


I also bought a copy of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens* from a local charity shop; my history teacher encouraged me to read this, as it is set around the time of the French Revolution in the 18th century, which I am studying. I intended to read this last month, but stopped after the first chapter; I’m not entirely sure if this book is for me, but I think I will give it another go before the end of the year.

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of books this November – first, I was sent Shell by Paula Rawsthorne* by the lovely people over at Scholastic! Shell is about Lucy, a terminal cancer patient who wakes up one day to find that her brain and eyes have been transported into a different body. I am utterly intrigued by this book, and cannot wait to read it – it is being published at the beginning of 2018, so I am hoping to read and review it before then!

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I took part in #SundayYA over on Twitter (ran by the wonderful Rachel), and won a copy of Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller – this book is about a ‘real life 2.0’, where a virtual reality that is set up as a videogame turns out to have more sinister undertones. I am so pleased that I won this, as I didn’t manage to get a copy at YALC in the summer, and I really want to read it!

So that’s my book haul for October and November – please let me know what you think of these books, and if you bought anything interesting in the last couple of months!

Here’s to another bookish December!

happy readding

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