Blogmas Calendar #1


This year, when I was thinking about what Christmas blog content I wanted to make, I was really unsure about whether I wanted to do Blogmas (there are lots of reasons for this, although the main one is timing). After some thought, I decided that I wanted to share some of the blog posts I have loved most over this year, from blogs that I read and follow. So, I have titled this a ‘Blogmas Calendar’, and each day I will be linking to a different blog post and showing some love for my fellow bloggers! I’m not entirely sure about the layout of this – if I like it, whether or not it’s messy, etc. – but I decided that it doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the day, I’ll just be sharing some posts that hopefully you, reading this, will love too!

I will also be posting other Christmas and non-Christmas related things throughout the month, but this will be a daily feature until the 24th of December! Now, on to blog recommendation number one:

Discussion: Fantastic Audiobooks & Where To Find Them (sorry I couldn’t help it)

One blog post I really enjoyed reading this year was from Lia, who runs the blog Lost In A Story, on audiobooks!

I have never listened to an audiobook, and until I read this blog post I never had an interest in it – however, Lia’s blog post really piqued my interest! She talks about the matter of audiobooks in amazing detail, discussing the good and the bad. She also includes some really helpful information on different places to get audiobooks, along with her own recommendations!

Having read this, I think in the new year I will make it one of my resolutions to try out listening to some books instead of reading them in the traditional way! Lia is also one of the first bloggers I talked to when I started blogging, and she is just so super lovely. So once more, I would really recommend checking out Lia’s blog post, and following her blog right here!

happy readding

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