Blogmas Calendar #2


Yes, I Love YA

Eve, Twist in the Taile.

This is a wonderfully relatable blog post, and one that I think highlights an issue faced by so many other book bloggers – Eve writes in defence of YA, addressing the people who (unfairly) bash young adult fiction. They list so many reasons why YA is, in fact, brilliant, and does it so eloquently that it would be near impossible for anyone to argue with them on the matter after reading it. They talk about why they read and love YA, defends having a teenage narrative voice, and challenges the adults who judge teens (and young adults in general) who enjoy these books!

This photo is from another one of Eve’s blog posts. I have decided to include it here because, hey, everyone loves a good cat-and-YA combo!

So again, this is an excellent blog post, and if you are a YA lover (which, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you are), you will surely read this and think ‘Yes, yes! This is all so true!’ Eve also blogs about such a huge variety of things, such as music, the LGBTQ+ community, and (of course) books!

happy readding



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