Blogmas Calendar #3


Who Reads Your Blog?

Jess, Bookends and Endings

My next blog post recommendation for this Blogmas comes from my sister and fellow blogger, Jess. In this discussion post, she talks about whether people let their family and friends know about their blog – and if so, whether they read it. She also looked into peoples motives and reasons for allowing people to read their blogs – after all, for some people blogging is a creative or personal outlet, and one they may wish to keep private. It’s also accompanied by a helpful Twitter poll, and quotes from other bloggers about who reads their blogs (which I think made the discussion even more interesting!).

A picture Jess took of some amazing YA that talk about mental health issues (the accompanying blog post to this is here)!

So for those of you who have not read this, I think it is a really interesting one, and has so many different perspectives, so definitely check it out! Jess herself is a really great, dedicated blogger (and I love her to bits), so make sure to take a look at her blog whilst you’re there!

happy readding


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