Blogmas Calendar #5


Instagram honesty.

Grace, Almost Amazing Grace

This excellent blog post is from Grace, blogger at Almost Amazing Grace. She is, in fact, one of my absolute favourite bloggers, however this blog post in particular really stuck with me. This is all about how the picture-perfect versions of ourselves we display online (on Instagram in particular) are not entirely truthful, and can, in fact, sometimes be completely false. Instagram is probably my favourite social media account, and I follow quite a number of these people who seem to live highly-Instagrammable lives, and so it was really interesting to read this. Grace also goes through a few of the pictures on her own Instagram, and discusses what was really happening and how she was really feeling at the time she took them – an incredibly brave thing to do, in my opinion.

A photo of Grace’s own Instagram, taken to accompany this post (that’s another thing I admire about Grace: her ability to take a picture of the simplest of things and have it somehow look super arty).

This really is an enlightening post I think you all should read. As it so happens, Grace’s Instagram is currently private, but her Twitter and her blog are definitely worth checking out (and I assure you the blog post is excellent either way!).

happy readding

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