Blogmas Calendar #6


The Rise of the Duology: The Good, The Bad and… (oh wait that’s it, it’s a two-part series)

Kate, Reading Through Infinity

In this blog post from Kate, she discusses duologies, and the reasons for the increase in two-part book series. She gives so many different reasons why duologies are actually amazing, and compares them to trilogies and stand-alones, the two forms we usually see books come in. This also contains everything you could want or need in a discussion post: examples of excellent duologies, a Twitter poll, a graph – it’s very interesting, and just all-round awesome!

Reading this made me realise just how much I enjoy duologies, and would like to read more (I have not read the two that Kate recommended, so those are duologies that went straight to my TBR). Kate herself is also a wonderful human being, so be sure to check out not only this blog post but the rest of her blog as well!

happy readding

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Calendar #6

  1. BEX, this post made me CRY! Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m humbled and thrilled to be featured on your blogmas calendar and I’m so happy we’re friends. ❤ I'm so glad you enjoyed my post and also super pleased you added Six of Crows and This Savage Song to your TBR – you'll have to let me know what you think as soon as you've read them! (I don't think you'll be disappointed!) Keep up the awesome work with this blog series, I'm loving these posts and it's great to see someone sharing love among the book community.

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