Blogmas Calendar #7


This is literally the worst book i’ve ever read..

Lily, Lily C Reads

This is the first Youtube video I am including in this year’s Blogmas Calendar (and I have a couple more planned for throughout the month)! This video, by the Booktuber Lily C Reads, is quite possibly the funniest video I have ever watched on Booktube – as the title suggests, it is a review of a book called Savage Thunder, which, from the sounds of things, is a completely terrible book. I’m not going to try and explain the book, or the video, as Lily’s review of it is really good, and I was laughing out loud the entire time!

For Booktube fans who haven’t watched this, I would really recommend it (although be warned, if you are offended by swearing, there is a lot of that) – do also go and look at other videos by Lily, especially her rant reviews, as they are so entertaining, and she is one of my favourite Booktubers!
happy readding

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