Blogmas Calendar #9


Event Recap of YALC 2017

Amber, The Mile Long Bookshelf

This is one of my absolute favourite recaps of YALC from this summer – Amber’s blog post about this event is wonderfully detailed, recounting everything from the people she met, to the panels she attended, to the books she got signed! She also includes a haul of everything she got at YALC, and a little recap of the #teenbloggerschat meet-up, which was organised by Amber (I went to this meet-up at YALC, and it was so lovely to meet everyone)!

To any of you who haven’t read Amber’s YALC wrap-up, this is one to check out – especially if you want to attend YALC in 2018! Defintely also check out Amber’s other social media, including the Teen Blogger’s Chat Twitter she co-runs! And let me know if any of you know if you’re going to YALC next year already!

happy readding

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