Blogmas Calendar #11


EASY CLASSICS FOR BEGINNERS | Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein & MORE!

Lucy, Lucy the Reader

For today’s Blogmas recommendation I have chosen another YouTube video – this one is a recommendations video from Lucy the Reader on classics for beginners! This video is from the summer, and was posted around the same time I started to read more classics, and I found it hugely helpful at giving me guidance with my own reading. There were a couple of books she mentioned that I had read already, and a few that I went on to read that summer and enjoyed – so I really do think it is worth listening to her recommendations!


This video is perfect for anyone who is looking to get into reading classics, or already reads classics and simply wants more recommendations! Lucy has plenty of other classics-related content on her YouTube channel and blog, as well as lots of YA content for those who prefer to watch those types of booktube videos!

happy readding

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