Blogmas Calendar #13

What Does a Five-Star Book Actually Mean?

Bex, Books With Bex

I really love this blog post from Bex on how her star-rating works – in it, she goes through each star-rating from one to five, and explains what each one means to her. She also gave some examples for each one of books she would give that rating. I enjoyed reading this post a lot, because I personally find it super interesting to see how different people rate what they read – after all, a five star review for one person can vary a lot from a five star review for another person! This entire post is just set out very well, and the content is put across in a very clear and engaging way.

Please do go and check out Bex’s blog post, and while you’re there take a look at her reviews and other bookish content! Bex is one of the first people I followed back when I started blogging, and she really is so lovely, so make sure to go and take a look at her blog!

happy readding

3 thoughts on “Blogmas Calendar #13

  1. Wow, thank you so much for featuring me in this Bex, seeing this genuinely made my day!! It’s an honour to be featured on your blog, you were one of the first people I really interacted with in the book blogging community as well and have played a big role in how much I have enjoyed it! ❤

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