The Real Neat Blog Award


This is the first award I have done for a while – thank you so much to Kate @Reading Through Infinity for tagging me (you can read her post here)! Kate has asked a number of really good questions, which I loved answering, and I also really enjoyed coming up with my own answers.

The Rules:

  • Display the award logo on your blog
  • Thank the folks who nominated you and provide links to their blogs
  • Answer the 7 questions asked by your nominator(s)
  • Nominate any number of other bloggers to share the award and give them some linky love
  • Notify the nominated folk
  • Ask the nominees 7 questions of your own

1. Who is currently your number one author to meet at an event?

I would love to meet Cassandra Clare at an event – I met her at her book signing at YALC in 2015, but I was not a blogger then, and the experience was over far too quickly! So it would be amazing to meet her again (I’m also super grateful for the word ‘currently’ in this question, as there are so many authors I would love to meet!).

2. Which book do you think would work really well as a graphic novel (that hasn’t been turned into one already)?

I only ever seem to see graphic novels that are based on fantasy or action books (can any graphic novel readers confirm whether this is the case?). However, there’s a part of me that could see Wing Jones by Katherine Webber really working as a graphic novel, especially with the magical realism aspect!

3. What’s your favourite type of blog post to write and why?

I really love writing discussion posts! I feel that I am really communicating my opinion when I write them, and I get a huge amount of satisfaction by spilling out all of my thoughts on a page. There are also so many different angles to take when writing a discussion post, and there is always the opportunity to do a Twitter poll or question other bloggers on a specific topic, which I find so interesting!

unnamed4. What is the ‘thing’ that you’re known for among friends and family?

I’m not sure if there’s any one defining ‘thing’ that I’m known for, except for the fact that my absolutely horrendous sense of direction has become somewhat of a running joke. Stories of me ending up lost in completely random places still somehow get brought up around the dinner table, years later.

5. What’s the best ARC or advance copy of a book you’ve ever received?

This would definitely have to be Heartless by Marissa Meyer – which was, coincidentally, the first ever ARC I received! I was absolutely thrilled to receive this last year, and I adored reading it – it is now up there as one of my favourite novels ever!

6. Is there a book that you went into not expecting to like, but then really enjoyed?

Over the summer I read Jane Eyre, which I had been putting off reading for nearly a whole year, as my first attempt at reading it hadn’t gone well. However, this time I really got into it, and eventually found myself unable to put it down!

7. Name one fun or exciting thing you’re hoping to do in 2018.

I have some really exciting summer plans that I am doing with my school – it’s not even 2018 yet, and I know I have so many fun things to come next year, even with exams looming over my head!


Thank you again to Kate for nominating me – I tag:

(of course, no pressure to do this if you don’t want to!)

My questions:

  1. Which 2018 release are you most looking forward to?
  2. Do you prefer watching Booktube or reading blogs?
  3. What is the best debut you have read this year?
  4. Be honest – how many unread books do you own at the moment?
  5. What is your favourite non-fiction novel?
  6. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
  7. Name one thing you have done in 2017 that you’re really proud of.

happy readding

5 thoughts on “The Real Neat Blog Award

  1. This was fab to read Bex, you’ve done the tag brilliantly and I love your answers! I’ve not read Wing Jones yet, but I think it’s suuuuch an interesting choice for a graphic novel, since she gets into running! You’re right that a lot of graphic novels are fantasy and action, but not all are and I think this could work well as one that isn’t! Discussion posts are some of my favourites to write as well *hi-fives you* I read Jane Eyre back in sixth form and ended up loving it, so I’m glad you liked it too. Can’t believe you got an ARC of Heartless, that’s so cool! Good luck with all the exams, I’m sure you’re going to smash the 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kate! And yes, I was actually really surprised when I was sent an ARC of Heartless – I had only been blogging about a month, and sent quite a badly written email asking for one, so it was very lovely of them to send me one anyway! Xx


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