Blogmas Calendar #14


Confession: I Have Too Many Books (My Book Culling Tips)

Georgia, The Bibliomaniac

In this blog post, Georgia discusses a problem faced by many of us in this community: book hoarding. I think this is written brilliantly, and I found her tips on how to get rid of books really helpful. There is a huge variety of suggestions, and Georgia goes into them in lots of detail – and she managed to cull a huge number of books, which is proof that her tips work (this blog post is also accompanied by some GIFs that Georgia made herself of her books, which I personally just found really cool)!

So again, if you are a book lover who struggles to stop hoarding books, this is definitely one for you! Georgia has an amazing blog (with the most beautiful design) so please do go and take a look at her other bookish content!

happy readding

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