Blogmas Calendar #15


My 2017 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Kelly, Kelly’s Rambles

This blog post recommendation is slightly different from the other, bookish content I have been sharing, and I simply had to include Kelly’s gorgeous bullet journal in this Blogmas Calendar. In her blog post, she goes through all the different components of her bullet journal in detail, including lots of pictures of the layout. It is quite breathtaking, how beautiful it is – it makes me long to start my own bullet journal, although I am nowhere near artistic enough for that! This really is a work of art, and is so so creative!

Whether you’re a bullet journal-er yourself, or if you just love to look at other people’s creations, this is a really great blog post to take a look at. Kelly updated on her bullet-journal throughout the year, and there is a whole section for it on her blog, so make sure to go and look at all of her posts!

happy readding

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