Blogmas Calendar #16


Why I Am A Reader Tag feat. bookswithbex

Emily, A Cup of Wittea

Rather than a discussion group like many of the other posts featured on this year’s Blogmas Calendar, today’s recommendation is of a book tag! The reason I have chosen to share this book tag is because Emily completed this tag in a really unique way – she did it in collaboration with Bex (another blogger I included in this ‘calendar’ of sorts), and it really warmed my heart to read their answers. I adore this idea, and I think a collab worked particularly well for this tag. Not only that, but the questions in this tag are really lovely and both Emily and Bex answered in so much detail!

This is one of the best tags I read all year, and is definitely one to take a look at yourself! Emily herself is also completely lovely, and I love reading her reviews and wrap ups on her blog!

happy readding

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