Blogmas Calendar #18


A Poor Girl’s Guide To Paris.

Ella, Whimsicella

Today’s Blogmas Calendar is a blog post that, for me, made that urge to travel all the more stronger. In this wonderfully detailed guide, Ella gives advice on the best transport (both to and around Paris) and accommodation for visiting Paris on a budget. She goes through a number of amazing places to visit, as well as some tips and tricks to remember whilst in Paris. The blog post is also filled with stunning pictures from her time in Paris that, if you are like me, will make you desperate to go!

This is a really enjoyable and interesting post to read, whether you usually read about people’s travel, or not. Ella has a wonderfully aesthetic blog, where she also blogs about books and her life – I would really recommend spending some time this evening taking a look at her blog, Whimsicella!

happy readding

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