Blogmas Calendar #20


My Tips for Defeating a Reading Slump

Laura, Reading Sanctuary

This blog post is key for solving a typical bookish problem: reading slumps. These eleven tips for defeating a reading slump are really useful, in my opinion, and Laura comes up with a whole range of things to try (everything from creating a routine to trying something new). For every person who reads this, I am sure they will find at least one thing that will help them, and Laura goes into detail for all of her tips, so they are very clear and easy to follow!

This blog post is super helpful, and I will definitely be coming back to it next time I’m in a reading slump! Laura is one of the first people I followed when I started My Shelf and Myself, and I love reading her posts on her blog, so I would really recommend following her blog, Reading Sanctuary!

happy readding

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