Blogmas Calendar #23


 How Do You Read?

Steph, A Little But A Lot

Blogmas is nearly at an end, but today I am sharing this super interesting discussion post about the environment we like to read in. Not only does Steph talk about the way she likes to read, but she also conducted a Twitter poll to find out how other people like to read (i.e. in silence, or with background noise). It was really interesting to read, as there were loads of responses going into more detail, and I loved hearing other people’s opinions on this subject. In addition, personally I think that having a Twitter poll (with over 600 responses!) made the discussion very straightforward to follow, which I appreciated.

This blog post is so interesting, and one I would really recommend reading yourself! Steph herself is an absolutely lovely person, and she blogs about Middle Grade as well as YA literature. I have been following her blog for a while, and both her and her blog are wonderful!

happy readding

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