My Favourite Kinds of Blog Posts

Two things I wish I did more are: write blog posts, and read blog posts. Since the start of 2018, I have been making more of an effort to scroll through my Twitter feed and WordPress Reader to read the content other bloggers have put out, but sadly since going back to school, I have had to revert back to two posts a week (as a maximum). Nonetheless, today I thought I would share the three types of blog posts I most love to read and write, and for each kind of blog post, I will also include links to my own blog posts, as well as links to some other blog posts. Honestly, this blog post could have been a mile long, but I decided to keep it down to three, as I thought this would lose some of its significance if I went on to list every type of blog post under the sun!



These are definitely my absolute favourite blog posts, both to read and to write. There are so many interesting topics to discuss, book-related or otherwise, and these are the ones that catch my eye when I am catching up on the blogs I follow. They are also the type of blog posts I write quickest, as I generally find I have a lot to say, and really enjoy getting my words out onto the page. There is also normally really great responses to discussion posts, and I love seeing people voice their own opinions and discussing it with them!

A discussion of mine: Why DON’T people read?

Some more ‘discussions’:


These are the best type of opinion-based posts to read, because you get to see what everybody else enjoys the most! Most of all, I like yearly favourites (both bookish and not), and all-time favourites – I know these are so hard to write, as it’s difficult to narrow down the books we read into a handful of favourites, but that’s what makes them so interesting. Similarly, I love to share what I’ve been loving with everyone else! I haven’t written a great number of favourites posts yet, as I am saving them up until I feel it is the right time to post them, but I love talking about the books I love most in the world.

My 2017 favourites post: Bex’s Top Ten Books of 2017

Some more ‘favourites’:

Monthly wrap ups

These can sometimes overlap with ‘favourites’ posts, but by ‘monthly wrap ups’, I mean everything from the month. Books (this gives me the opportunity to read/share more controversial opinions on books), and anything else someone may want to share in a monthly wrap up! Things you did, books you bought, new food you tried – all of this is super interesting to me, and it really helps me to get to know the blogger I am following. I usually only do book-related monthly wrap ups, but in my 2017 wrap up I do a huge wrap up of loads of the things I did last year!

My most recent monthly wrap up: In December I Read | 2017

Some more ‘monthly wrap ups’:


Honestly, I enjoy reading pretty much all types of bookish content (hauls, tags, reviews, unboxings – literally everything), but these are definitely the ones that pique my interest the most! Please let me know what kinds of blog posts you love to read and write the most, and if you have any recommendations do let me know!

15 thoughts on “My Favourite Kinds of Blog Posts

  1. Thank you so much for including my discussion post, Bex! Like you, they’re my absolute favourite posts to write and often the ones I’m most proud of because you can really get into a topic you’re passionate about! Favourites are also some of my favourite posts to read, but I end up adding about 10 books to my TBR every time I read them 😅

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  2. Not a book blogger but I love books so my favourite type of posts would be discussions, unboxing and hauls. There are enjoyable and I could find similar points to talk about in the comment section.

    My least favourite one is the book review posts lol because 1) I don’t like the book 2) I haven’t read the book yet 3) I just don’t read that type of book genre

    x Rasya

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    1. I also love unboxings and hauls – I find it really cool and interesting to see what books people have! I can understand why you might dislike reviews – if I’m not interested in the book, it often seems a little pointless reading a review of it!
      Thank you for reading ❤


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