Second Chances: Will I Reread These DNF’d Books?

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DNFing books is an all-too-real struggle for readers, and for years I have been discarding books that I found boring, badly written, or just didn’t like. However, I thought it was time to reflect on the books I DNF’d a while ago, and consider giving them a second chance. For now, I have simply chosen three books – one that I will definitely reread, one that I may try again, and one that will remain unfinished.

A book I will give a second chance

For this, I am going to say Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I tried to read this around three years ago, and just found that I could not get into it at all. Honestly, I think that at the time the style of writing just wasn’t for me, and I did not have the patience to stick with it, and see if I warmed to it. However, I never hated this book, but rather, I was disinterested in reading it. I have wanted to give it another go for ages now, and since I own a copy, I think I will definitely aim to read Fangirl at some point in 2018.

A book I may give a second chance

Tape by Steven Camden. I don’t really remember why I DNF’d this book, as it was quite a long time ago (but again, I think it was just a case of being bored whilst reading it). I received a copy of this book for my birthday a few years ago, and I honestly think the cover is gorgeous, and probably has encouraged me to take a more forgiving attitude. Because I own a copy, I think I will try to read it again, although I am not prioritising it so that may not happen for a long time.

A book that will remain DNF’d

My answer to this is definitely Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, and I know that I have talked about my dislike for this series before on this blog. I persevered through the first book, Throne of Glass and half of the second book purely because a good friend of mine had recommended the series, and I really trusted her opinion. However, eventually I honestly could not read anymore; personally, I really disliked the characters and the writing style, and I thought the plot was filled with tropes. I think this series is one I would have been obsessed with back in my Tweenage Twilight days, but I have literally zero desire to give this book and this series a second chance.

I don’t DNF books too often, but these were the first three books that came to mind – whilst for the other two, I am not as optimistic, I am really hoping that I love Fangirl when I do read it, and that this time around, it lives up to the hype. Let me know your thoughts on these books, and where you stand on giving DNF’d books a second chance!

4 thoughts on “Second Chances: Will I Reread These DNF’d Books?

    1. Awh yay, I’m so glad to hear that! It’s these sorts of comments about Fangirl that have made me give it a second chance – it’s so loved, I can’t help but feel I HAVE to try again!


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