Blog Tour: Noah Can’t Even – Interview with Simon James Green

33961524Today on my blog I am taking part in the Noah Can’t Even blog tour! As some of you may know, I absolutely loved this book, and found it absolutely hilarious (you can read my review of it here), so I am really thrilled to be taking part in the tour! The author, Simon James Green, will be answering some questions I had about himself and the book, so welcome to my blog Simon! (also, a big thank you to Olivia Horrox and Scholastic for arranging this interview!)

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Blog Tour: Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined – Research & Camp Experiences

In March I was contacted by the head of publicity at Scholastic’s, Olivia Horrox, and asked if I would like to take part in the Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined blog tour! I absolutely loved EBINR, so of course I was delighted!

This guest post from Danielle Younge-Ullman is on how she went about researching for EBINR, as well as some insight into some of her own camp experiences. I’ll begin by sharing the (gorgeous) cover of the book, as well a short blurb from Goodreads:


Ingrid has made a deal with her mother: she gets to go to the school of her choice as long as she completes a three-week wilderness programme. But when Ingrid arrives, she quickly realizes there has been a terrible mistake: there will be no marshmallows or cabins here. Instead, her group will embark on a torturous trek, with almost no guidance from the two counsellors and supplied with only the things they can carry. On top of this, the other teen participants are “at risk youth”, a motley crew of screw-ups, lunatics and delinquents. But as the laborious days go by, and as memories of her complicated past come flooding back, Ingrid must confront the question of whether she shares more in common with these troubled teens than she’s willing to admit.

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GUESTPOST – Book Recommendations for Fictional Characters

Hey, I’m Jess from Bookends and Endings, and today I’m going to be guest post-ing on Bex’s. As a book blogger but also general book lover, I find myself giving lots of book recommendations, both online and to friends and family in real life. Characters, while unfortunately fictional, can often feel like real people, and so something fun to do is to imagine what books you would recommend to them if you could give them a book.

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