Review Policy

All books reviewed on my blog are bought, borrowed, won or gifted. Books sent to me by a publisher are done so in exchange for an honest review, and there will be a disclaimer stating this before the review. The source of a book does not change my opinion or review. You can find out how I rate the books I review here.

I am likely to accept for review young adult, especially contemporary and fantasy, and will also consider adult fiction, middle grade, non-fiction and poetry. I will not accept erotica, and am unlikely to accept self-published books.

If I accept a book for review, I will try to read it and publish my review as soon as possible, although I cannot give a guaranteed time period.

All reviews are posted to my blog and cross-posted to Goodreads. If you would like to contact me about reviewing a book, please tweet me, or see my contacts page for further information.