Does blogging change you as a reader? | discussion


Ever since I was old enough to pick up a book and understand the words on the page, I have been reading. Starting with Biff and ChipThe Rainbow Fairies and Harry Potter, I have felt my reading develop throughout my life. I started my blog in October 2016 – not even a year ago, but the way in which I read has already been transformed completely.

Firstly, I read a lot more. For about a year or so prior to starting my blog, my reading had slowed down a fair amount. I still always had a book on the go, but I just did not prioritise reading. Now, however, I try to give myself at least an hour to read every day, preferably more. This is because there is just so much to read – books I requested and need to read in order to review them, books I have marked down for various reading challenges or events, and of course, the books on my ever-growing TBR. And on top of that are those random books that I pick up, and then buy/borrow, books that I’ve never heard of before and that don’t fit into any of the above categories, but still demand to be read. So yeah. Lots more reading gets done now. And running a blog, and having a community to share my opinions with makes reading feel rewarding in an entirely new way.

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Everything, Everything vs Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Not too long ago I was sorting through my laptop and I found this . . . blog post, I guess? I wrote this comparison of Everything, Everything and Under Rose-Tainted Skies before I started my blog, after I read URTS in the summer. I just thought that there was a very important message that could be drawn from it, and it compelled me to write this post. I hope that many of you will agree with what I have to say.

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