A Most Exciting Autumn: 2017 Releases

I’ve never been one to blog about upcoming releases – in the Spring, one of my first ever blog posts was on Autumn releases in 2016, but I never really made it a Thing. However, this Autumn marks the release of some books that I have been excited for all year round, and so I couldn’t help but share them all with you!

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My TBR Cannot Handle All These Releases

As I’ve mentioned in a lot of my blog posts this year, I am aiming to catch up on older books I want to read, especially 2016 releases I haven’t gotten around to reading yet (the Beat the Backlist Challenge has been super helpful for that). However, every month there’ll be a few new releases, and I’ll scroll through my Reader looking at all the reviews and hauls and just add more and more 2017 books to my TBR. AND I CANNOT HANDLE IT. I have decided that I simply have to talk about some of these books now before I implode.

I have opted to leave out January 2017 releases, as otherwise this post would be even longer than it already is. The majority of the February releases I actually have to get myself a copy, and on top of that a lot of these haven’t actually come out yet. I think the anticipation might kill me.

Narrowed down to 12, some recent/upcoming releases I want to read are:

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