Best Books of 2016


For the past few weeks, the main topic of conversation in the book community has been ‘what are your favourite books of 2016?’ I have found it really fun and interesting to read everyone else’s posts on this topic, and I’ve been looking forward to make mine.

I naively thought that I would easily choose five books I’ve really enjoyed this year, and leave it at that. Wrong. I had a list of about 20 books that I wanted to mention, but not wanting this post to be miles long, I managed to get it down to 10. Just about. Some are new releases from this year, some not, but these are all books I have read over the course of 2016 and absolutely loved (I have already written a post on bookish reasons why 2016 wasn’t so bad, so that’s why this is just of a roundup of things I’ve read).

2016 releases I loved

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare – I am a massive fan of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series’, and so I was so excited to read this, if not slightly daunted by the size of the book! Cassandra Clare’s novels somehow get better with each one, and this is a must read for fantasy fans!

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman came out towards the start of the year. This is Alice’s second book, and I think I loved it even more than the first. In this story, Frances (the highly-strung protagonist) forms a beautiful friendship with a boy names Aled, who is also the creator of a podcast she loves. This was amazingly written with stunning character development and I loved it so much.

And a Happy New Year…? by Holly Bourne is a book I have talked about so much over the last month. It is a final novella to finish off the Spinster Club books and revolves around a New Year’s Eve party with the Evie Lottie and Amber, the three protagonists. This was such a good book, and also not too long, so if anyone is looking to read another book or two before the New Year, this is perfect.

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall is about a girl living with agoraphobia, and how she copes with the changes to her life and her emotions when the new boy moves in across the road. I read this book in the summer, and I don’t think I put it down at all! She managed to write a brilliant story whilst sensitively tackling the topic of mental health, so this is a must-read for pretty much everyone!

Girl Detached by Manuela Salvi is another book which tackles a topic widely considered as a somewhat ‘taboo’ – prostitution. I found this novel heart-warming at times, heart-wrenching at others, and really, really interesting; I was hooked from start to finish!

Rebel Of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton is a book I first heard about at YALC 2015. In this novel, the protagonist Amani is trying to get away from her deadbeat hometown when she gets caught up in a world of magic and monsters. I love all of the fantasy novels set in urban areas, but I really enjoyed the desert setting in this book, and I cannot wait for the sequel Traitor to the Throne which is being released in 2017!

A few slightly older books . . .

The Long Walk by Stephen King is about 100 boys who have to walk without stopping until there is only one person left, the whole time being filmed and cheered on by others as it is all for entertainment. Despite this being a 384 pages of very small font, I read this quite quickly and really enjoyed it.

Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury is a fantasy romance novel about a girl, who is the embodiment of a goddess, but is feared by everyone as she can kill with one touch. This book is part of a series, and I cannot recommend every single book enough!

Birdy by Jess Vallance is a little different to the typical kind of books I read – it is a story about friendship and obsession and I found the writing style addicting and very enjoyable.

And just one that is coming soon!61dn67qtl5l-_sx328_bo1204203200_

Heartless by Marissa Meyer – I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book, which is a prequel to Alice In Wonderland, told from the Queen’s perspective before she became Queen. Words cannot describe how much I loved this book. It is probably my absolute favourite out of all the books I have read this year, so even though it has not been released in the UK yet, I just had to include it! Closer to the release date, I will be posting a review where I will undoubtedly fangirl in more detail!


So those were my top 10 reads of 2016; I would love to hear what books you have all enjoyed, whether they be old or new. Also, if anyone wants to know any more on any of these books, besides looking on Goodreads, please comment below or message me on Twitter as I would love to talk even more. I am pretty sure this is my last post of the year, and I am very excited to see what wonderful bookish things 2017 will bring!

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