September Book Haul!


September was an extremely busy month for me, so much so that I did not have the chance to visit a bookshop! Nonetheless, I bought and received six books throughout the month, and I am very excited to share them all with you.

I was lucky enough to be sent two books this month – the first was Truly Madly Awkward* by Beth Garrod, sent to me by the lovely people at Scholastic. This is the sequel to Super Awkward, continuing the story of Bella Fisher’s horrifically awkward life, including a radio competition, ex-boyfriend, and dressing up as a dog! I really look forward to getting stuck into this series, as I know they’re just the sort of light-hearted books I enjoy! The second was No Shame* by Anne Cassidy – this book is the sequel to No Virgin, and focuses on the court case that follows the rape of the main character, Stacey Woods. This was kindly sent to me by Hot Key Books; I have already read and enjoyed this book, and will be taking part in the blog tour later on this month!


At the beginning of the month, I bought a copy of Girl Up* by Laura Bates from a charity shop – this is a non-fiction book about sexism, body image, the media, and so many other feminist issues. I’m so excited to read this, and I love having books on this topic that I can just dip in and out of! A friend of mine also bought me a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ – this is a book wrapped in brown paper, with just a few words describing the book to tell you a bit about it. The point is to avoid judging a book by it’s cover, and I am in love with this idea! The book itself was The Universe Versus Alex Woods* by Gavin Extence, which is about a boy who was hit by a meteorite as a child, and goes on to live an extraordinary life; aged seventeen, he is caught at customs with 113 grams of marijuana and an urn full of ashes, but somehow he thinks he made the right decision. This book was described as ‘my meteorite’, ‘coming of age’, ‘bittersweet’, ‘life’, and ‘friendship’, which sounds perfect!

I signed up for the Book Box Club this September, and received two books in the ‘Outlaws’ box – the first was A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars* by Yaba Badoe, and this box also included a bonus ARC of Optimists Die First* by Susin Nielson. I go into detail about both these books in my unboxing blog post – A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars in particular has an absolutely stunning cover!


In a stressful September back at school, these books really brightened my month – let me know if you have read any of these, and what books you bought this September!

happy readding


(books marked with a * are affiliate links)

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