Blogmas Calendar #22


Girl Power, Magical Realism & Nanowrimo | Booksandquills.

 Sanne, Books and Quills

I am sure many of you already know of, or follow, Sanne’s BookTube channel, but I love this video of hers – an interview with Katie Webber, author of Wing Jones. This was really interesting to watch, and the two of them talk about everything from the magical realism in Wing Jones to working in a publishing environment whilst writing a book! I also loved how relaxed this interview was; Sanne and Katie are already friends, and this meant that the conversation was really enjoyable to watch! The video is ten minutes long, and they talk about so much in that space of time, and I liked how there was a lot of content without the video being too long!

This video is from the beginning of the year, and if you have not watched it already, you definitely should! I adore Sanne’s channel, and she also hosts the End of the World Book Club, which I really want to join in on at some point in 2018!

happy readding

3 thoughts on “Blogmas Calendar #22

  1. Sanne was one of the first booktubers I discovered! It’s always nice to see other people who enjoy her videos as I don’t think she has nearly as many subscribers as she deserves!

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