Blogmas Calendar #24


Jo Talks Books: On Actual YAs in the YA Community

Jo, Book Lovers Blog

For the final day of Blogmas, I want to share this discussion post on teenagers within the YA community, in which Jo addresses the concerns expressed by many teens over the course of this year. I found this blog post really interesting, as Jo talks about her own experiences, as she was a teenager when she started blogging, and voices the opinions of both teenagers and adults she has spoken to. This discussion is really balanced, and I think it really adds something to this narrative that has been circling the YA community throughout the year. It ends on a really hopeful and warming note, and is, in my opinion, the perfect blog post to end this Blogmas Calendar!

For those of you who have taken an interest in this issue surrounding teenagers in the YA community, this is one for you! Jo also has a huge variety of bookish content on her blog – everything from reviews to hauls to event recaps! All of her blog posts are super detailed and interesting, and definitely worth checking out!

happy readding

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