Blogmas Calendar #4


Books with the most Scrumptious Writing!

Mia, The Cosy Reader

As titled, this book from The Cosy Reader is about books that contain really magical writing. Personally, I loved this blog post because it included a couple of books I have read and loved, so I knew exactly what she meant by ‘scrumptious writing’; this meant that I came away with a number of recommendations for books I now know I simply have to read at some point. This blog post (like all of Mia’s) also contains the most stunning collection of bookish photos; her blog in general is just absolutely beautiful, and is probably the prettiest out of all of the blogs I follow!

One of the pictures from Mia’s blog post, and just one example of her fantastic photography skills!

This is an amazing blog post, both content-wise and visually, so click here to read it yourself, and take a look at Mia’s blog! And if you too fall in love with her beautiful bookish photos, her Instagram @cosyreads is also filled with them.

happy readding

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